BDN6 Dosing System


Aluzyme® Biological Liquid
Designed to aid bio-degration of organic materials and food stuffs in Grease Traps, pipe systems and pumping stations.

The reduction of food, oil and grease in sewer systems can be accomplished and the production of sulphuric acid / sewer gas producing anaerobic bacteria reduced.
Aluzyme® is used for:
  • Abattoirs
  • Food processing
  • Leisure industries
  • Food courts
  • Bakeries
  • Business and Office Canteens
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Water Treatment Plants

BDN6 Dosing Pump Control Unit 5 Amp Connection or Battery Powered

Dosing Stand
Aluzyme® 20 litre drum can be suspended on a stainless steel stand at and extra cost. The stand is easily fitted to the kitchen wall freeing space in the floor.

Drum size:
W 290mm x D 230mm x H 400mm

BDN6 Dosing Stand


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