Lint, Hair, Plaster & Starch Separators

Lint & Plaster Separators


Stainless Steel trap sized to suit laundry outflow. This contains a removable Stainless Steel mesh baffle designed to stop fibres from the washing programme entering the drainage system. Available in above and below ground units.

We advise customers to check quantities of detergent used in the laundry programme to ensure minimum discharge of the chemical is achieved. The liquid products used in the dry cleaning process should not enter a drainage system unless approved by water companies and the environment agency.
Lint/Plaster PL2
Capacity Ltrs Inlet Outlet
115 50mm 50mm
lint plaster pl2
Lint/Plaster PL3
Capacity Ltrs Inlet Outlet
191 50mm 50mm
lint plaster pl2
lint plaster pl3

Lint & Hair Separators
Lint, Hair LHS3
Capacity Ltrs Inlet Outlet
288 110mm 160mm
lint hair lhs3
Lint, Hair LHS4
Capacity Ltrs Inlet Outlet
748 110mm 110mm

Neutralising Tank
  • Under Ground Installation.
  • Typically used in laboratories and metalwork or art/craft workshops.
  • These tanks have three baffles and must be partially filled with neutralising stones. The baffle arrangement forces the liquid passing through the tank to filter through the neutralising stones, which have the effect of neutralising the water pH balances.
  • Manufactured from 316-2mm Stainless Steel, the tank is suitable for underground installations.
  • Inlet and outlet pipes are 110mm NS unless otherwise specified.
  • The tank dimensions and pipe work positions are nominal and in all cases conform to NS recommendations.
  • When space is limited, equivalent capacity tanks can be manufactured to order.
  • Medium duty lid – Mild Steel Galvanised Durbar. Pedestrian lid – Aluminium – Durbar.
Model   Capacity Ltrs Lid W Lid L L H W T
NT3 200 689mm 1027mm 940mm 900mm 602mm 395mm
NT4 650 965mm 1372mm 1285mm 1086mm 878mm 581mm
NT5 900 1050mm 1550mm 1463mm 1160mm 963mm 655mm
NT6 1370 1150mm 1720mm 1633mm 1300mm 1063mm 795mm


Starch Separators

Prevents and treats the problems created by the production of waste starch in food process establishments. Fitted directly into the existing drainage system, the unit removes the cement like residue from blocking drainage pipes and sewer systems. Physical and biological treatment eliminates the need to constantly replace blocked sections of waste pipes due to the damage created from the residual starch waste.

Fitted with a unique Shower System to prevent build up of foam within the separators produced when a peeler is in operation. The Shower System is fitted with an electronic valve which allows water to flow through the Shower System when the potato peeling process is in operation. An extra large removable basket is fitted in the trap to collect food solids (e.g potato peelings etc.)
Starch SS0501
Inlet Outlet
57 50mm 50mm
lint plaster pl2
Starch SS0502
Inlet Outlet
96 50mm 50mm
lint plaster pl2

Starch 0L56
Capacity Ltrs Inlet Outlet
1600 110mm 160mm
The Aluline Dosing System and Aeration is included with this model.
dosing unit

electronic valve

Electronic Valve Specification

  Supple Voltage   240v AC 50Hz
  Power Consumption   6 Watts
  Operating Temperature Range   +5 - +88°C
  Cable Length   1 Metre
  Maximum Differential Pressure   1 Bar
  Maximum Static Pressure   10.0 Bar
  Maximum Fluid Temperature   100°C
  Maximum Ambient Temperature   52°C


Pump for AG6


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