On-site training for your staff. It is important to emphasise the Do's and Don'ts as well as to inform your staff why it is important to have good Grease Management Systems.
• Why is it important to understand how drainage systems work?

• Why is it important to deal with a reputable company?

• Why is it important to know the legislation?

• Why is it important to know which inspectors are involved in drainage?

• How the costs of waste management affect the establishment.

• What is the impact if no measures are in place?
We offer continuous service throughout in our customer service department. Unlike other companies we take prevention seriously and promote our Fat, Oil and Grease Management System which focuses on prevention, proactive approach rather than reactive and a strong focus on the equipment we supply and on staff training and education to minimise waste disposed of into the drains.

We give certified waste management training with every system we supply whether we install it or another company installs it.

The laws governing public drain systems are a criminal law. In other words if a person contaminates or blocks a public drain, the result can be a heavy fine or even a prison sentence.
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