Waste Management
The Aluline Waste Management Group is a division of the Aluline Group
(an international company dedicated to providing environmental
solutions and best practice in a range of industries).

The groups’ main objectives include implementing and facilitating best management practices in waste management through:
•  Providing and promoting detailed waste management plans.
Introducing measures to rationalise policies relating to waste reduction, waste management and litter prevention.
Developing strategies and action plans.
Developing, implementing, supporting, and promoting waste reduction and recycling programs.
Investigating and advising on landfill disposal costs and charges.
Training any staff involved in waste management by the introduction of electronic data devices.
Educating staff, residents and businesses as required.
Drawing on cutting edge data capture systems, the group enables the mass collection and analysis of information on waste patterns, contractor performance, and landfill life cycles, and can provide key services to local and national governments to assist the formulation of new waste strategies and waste management initiatives.

The Scottish Government’s Zero Waste Scotland plan sets a target to increase the overall rate of food and packaging waste being recycled, sent to anaerobic digestion or composted to at least 70% by the end of 2015. Catering businesses in non-rural areas will be required to take all reasonable measures to separate food waste and make it available for collection.
In addition, it will not be permitted to dispose of food waste into a drain or sewer, and use of devices such as macerators, will not be permitted in non-rural areas where a separate food waste collection service is available.

Systems which dewater food waste at source and store the solid material for collection and treatment will have to be configured to maximise the capture of food waste for recycling.

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