Bio Grease Separator
Bio Grease Separator

BDN6 Dosing System
A   2" Air Entrainment Valve (50mm)     - 2 Air
  Solids Strainer                                
C   Reducer / Blackflap Valve (50mm)  - RBV
D   Old / Grease (50mm)                        - AG2
E   Sample Chamber (50mm)                 - 50SC
F   Dosing Pump                                    - DN/3
G   Aluzyme Bacteria                              - ALU20
H   Wall Trap for Dosing System             - WT/20
The above floor separator is designed to reduce loading on internal pipework. The fitting of units in the kitchen is to give ownership to kitchen managers and chefs to encourage removal at source practices. The use of bacteria in the system allows compliance with EN standards and reduces the chance of anaerobic bacteria forming in the system.
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