Stands and Accessories


Stainless Steel Stands with adjustable legs are available upon request at and additional cost to raise the Separators to pipe level.
(AG Models)
grease trap stand
AG1 Size L252 x W405 - Adjustable Height 125mm - 165mm
AG2 Size L795 x W505 - Adjustable Height 125mm - 165mm
AG3 Size L950 x W610 - Adjustable Height 125mm - 165mm
AG4 Size L1200 x W900 - Adjustable Height 125mm - 165mm
AG5 Size L1400 x W900 - Adjustable Height 125mm - 165mm
AG5a Size L1500 x W1050 - Adjustable Height 125mm - 165mm

Health & Safety Kit

Cleaning and maintenance of Grease Traps is a requirement. To assist staff in carrying out this task we
have introduced a range of products in a kit form

  • To help comply with health and safety.
  • Everything you need in one solid container.
  • Re-order, what you want, when you want it.
  • Components can be supplied in the following pack quantities.

Quantity   Description
50   Gauntlets ( Gloves)
50   Dust Masks
200   Aprons (roll)
50   Green Bio- Degradable Bags (double strength organic waste)
1   Scraper
1   Sieve
1   Storage Trunk (40 Ltr lockable)
1   Reodouriser 500ml
1   Sanitiser 500ml
1   Hand Sanitiser 250ml
1   Hand Towels 10in. 2ply
1   Aluzorb 10 Ltr

cleaning kit


The box is designed to eliminate any possibility of cross contamination from cleaning materials. Important in your Health and Safety risk assessment.
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